“Obstacle Course” March and April Teaching

During the months of March and April we are in a series called “Obstacle Course”. This series is aimed at helping our students navigate relationships. In the Ten Commandments we see four commandments that pertain to our relationship with God and six to our relationships with others. We know that relationships are a big deal in all our lives, so we are going to take two months to discuss them. During the month of March we will look at our relationships with our friends, siblings and parents. We hope that our students will understand the importance of who you allow close into your life. We also hope they will understand their natural rebellion against authority and learn to respect as God calls us.

During the month of April we will look at romantic relationships. As anyone knows, the middle school and high school years are when boys start noticing girls and girls start noticing boys. When you compound that with a culture that is obsessed with love and romance it leaves us with an urgency to keep the truth of what God has to say before them.


Trivia Night

Trivia Night is right around the corner! March 7th we will have a wonderful evening full of trivia and fun to support our students in their mission projects over the summer. The doors will open at 5pm for our silent auction. There is a wide variety of items that can be bid on, so make sure to arrive early and find your favorites. Trivia will begin promptly at 6pm, so be sure to be at your table ready to go!

We have made a change in our trivia this year and hope that you will find it a tad bit easier and a LOT more fun! We promise to make this a night full of laughter and joy for everyone involved. We can’t thank each of you enough for your support! The cost for the night is $20 per person and $160 per table (8 maximum). If you haven’t signed up yet be sure to do so below. We look forward to seeing you on March 7th!

Also, if you are interested in making any donations, please contact Melissa Luther by clicking here.

#Trending – Application Sunday

During the month of February we have been going through a series called “#Trending.” This series looks at subjects that are trending in culture now. Our goal is to help our students confront culture with the Gospel. We want them to be able to think critically about what happens in our culture, not condemning it but understanding it in light of the Gospel. We will look at how our cultural mindset can often sway our view of who God is.

With that in mind, this Sunday (Feb 22) we are having a movie night! We will show the movie “God’s Not Dead.” The night will run from 6:00-9:00pm. We will have popcorn and soda for the students. This film does a good job showing a student in college who is not willing to conform to the pressure of the culture. I think it gives our students a good opportunity to discuss how they would respond in a time like that. We also hope that it will help them discern their daily decisions, in not being shy about who they are in Christ. We also encourage our students to bring their non-Christian friends to hopefully open up dialogue on these things.


Big Chill 2015 Recap

Where to begin? WOW! That’s where! God is very, very good! It is amazing what He does when we are willing to be used by Him. It is amazing how He speaks to us when we get away from all of the distractions in our life. We saw our students remove some of the barriers in their lives and be open and honest with one another. We got to celebrate how God has brought reconciliation into the lives of many of our students. The one continual theme our students kept bringing up is how they feel like one big family. They feel safe, they feel supported, they feel loved! What joy!

Over the weekend we were challenged to go back to the basics of Christianity as we talked about “First Things First.” Steve Otey, our speaker, did a wonderful job of illustrating Gospel truths into our lives. The band did an amazing job leading our hearts into a time of hearing from God. If you see a student or leader around be sure to ask them what God taught them over the weekend! Below you can check out some of the videos from the weekend.

grace. | Series in January

During the month of January we are starting a new series called “grace.” The New Year marks a new beginning. Our students experience a fresh semester with a new GPA. We create new goals for our lives that hopefully give us a fresh outlook in life. What better subject to talk about then than grace?

We want to start from the ground up to better understand what grace is and how vital it is to every single moment of the Christian life. Our desire is that through this series we will better understand that God TRULY paid the price for our sin and how our lives can reflect that! We pray and hope that we as leaders will model what a life of grace looks like; not one marked by trying harder but rather being wrapped in Jesus’ final words on the cross, “It is FINISHED!”

Over the series we will look at the book of Jonah. Jonah gives us an in-depth look into God’s grace and mercy: grace for the Israelites, grace for Jonah, grace for the Ninevites. As you may know, the book of Jonah doesn’t end on a good note. We pray that our lives won’t be a reflection of Jonah’s frustration with God’s grace but rather a celebration of it. Below is our teaching schedule.
MORNINGS (11am Small Groups)
4 – Introduction to Grace
11 – Deadly Plunge
18 – Hearts Exposed
25 – Never-Ending Surprise

EVENINGS (6:30pm Worship)
7 – Introduction to Jonah
14 – Deadly Plunge pt. 2
21 – Hearts Exposed pt. 2
28 – NO Evening Worship (due to Big Chill)


Christmas Parties

It’s December and that means Christmas parties! The Christmas parties are always a wild and fun adventure at CSM. From goofy sweaters to eggnog chugs, the nights are full of laughter and joy! This year we are continuing that tradition. We will have the High School Christmas Party on December 14th from 6-9pm. We will have the Middle School Christmas Party on December 17th from 6-9pm.

We will have drinks and pizza provided for the students. We ask that students bring a couple of things:

  • A White Elephant Gift (something silly under $5 – the weirder the better)
  • Wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater (Optional: there will be a prize for the ugliest)
  • Last Name A-M: A Dessert
  • Last Name N-Z: An Appetizer