Parent Meeting This Sunday (8/23)

This Sunday, August 23rd, from Noon-2pm we will have our Fall Parent Meeting. The start of the school year means we have a new weekly calendar and a new group of parents that are joining in. We want everyone together on the same page. At this parent meeting we will go over the fall schedule, big events for the next year, and provide some training in bringing your children up in Christ.

Lunch will be provided free of charge, this includes students. Also the game room will be open for students to hang out.


Promotion Sunday

Promotion Sunday is August 16th! We will welcome all the new 6th grade students into CSM. This is also when the students are officially promoted a grade up. I am so excited to see how this new group of students gets involved in CSM. We have lots of icebreakers and games planned to get the new students assimilated into the larger group of CSM. Our goal is for each older student to connect with a 6th grade student and for a 6th grade student to connect with an older student.


Back To School Bonfire Tomorrow (8/12)

Back to School Bonfire is happening tomorrow, 8/12. We are heading to the Francisco’s house from 5-8:30pm. They live in Hillsboro and you can get directions by emailing Ben at If you want to take the shuttle please be at the church at 4:30pm. We will return to the church by 9pm. That evening we will hang out in their lake, eat together and hear from God’s Word!

Be sure to bring a modest swimsuit and towel to get in the lake. Also be sure that if your last name is A-L bring a drink (preferably cans) and M-Z bring a snack/dessert. The Francisco’s will be grilling up burgers and sliders. Its going to be an awesome time! Look forward to seeing you then!

Back to School BonfireWEB

House Church Tomorrow (7/29)

House Church is tomorrow night (July 29) from 6-9pm at the Mason’s! They live in West County so we will have a shuttle leaving the church at 5:30pm for those that can’t drive that far. If you need directions, please email Ben at

We will provide dinner (hot dogs). We ask that students with last names A-L bring a snack/dessert and last names M-Z bring a drink (preferably cans/bottles). We will have games, a movie, and a devotion at the end of the night. Look forward to seeing you then!

House Church Tomorrow (7/8)

Tomorrow is our second House Church of the summer! House Church is a chance for us to get out of the church walls and do life together. This week we are meeting up at the Lear’s house from 6-9pm. We will have dinner, hang out, play games, shoot off some fireworks, worship, and hear from God’s Word. We are asking that students last name A-K bring something to drink (preferably cans/bottles). While last names L-Z bring a side dish or dessert. We will provide pizza for everyone as the main dish.

If you need directions to their house please email Ben at Look forward to seeing you there!

Breakaway Teams

Here are the teams for Breakaway! First off, no I didn’t make the teams. Second, there will be about 60 other people on your team from other churches at camp. Third, be sure to get as much clothing and gear you can get that makes you blue/green dolphin/barracuda! I expect to see some awesome team spirit and representation from each of you!

And just so you know there are team games Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! So be ready to get cray all week long!