Weekly Recap and What’s Next

We are trying something new today. We want to equip students and parents to live our the Gospel. One way we thought we could do this better is by giving you a weekly recap on what we learned from Sunday and Wednesday. We also want to give a look into what’s coming up in next week’s teaching. This way you can prepare ahead of time and remember what God has taught us.


Last Sunday we looked at the final piece of  our series “Who We Are”, “Make Your Faith KNOWN”. We talked about how the way we act in our relationships makes a huge difference in our ability to share the Gospel. We see this play out in Matthew 5:21-48. How are we submitting to proper authorities? How are we part of the greater ministry of the church? What are our relationships with our non-Christian friends, our parents, etc? We also discussed how we all have some influence among others. Are we using this influence to make His name known? We see this play out in Matthew 5:13-20. We want to be a people that are not ashamed of the Gospel. We want to be a people that can clearly articulate our faith and defend  it. We want to use our influence for His name and not our own.

Last night we finished our series, “Who We Are”. We wanted to challenge ourselves to think about the world we live in and how it affects our relationship with God. Looking at Matthew 13:1-9 and 13:18-23 we saw Jesus’ parable of the sower. We wanted to challenge ourselves to think about what soil we are in. Are we on the Path, not having understanding of what the Gospel means for our lives? Are we on the Rocky Ground, not able to withstand the persecution of the world, whether physical or verbal? Are we in the thorns, being choked out by the cares of this world? My belief is that because of our culture around us we are surrounded by thorns, cares and things buying for our attention over God. Our prayer last night was that God would remove the rocks, remove the thorns and surround us with good soil as we look to Him.


This Sunday we are starting our new series “How To Read The Bible”. Our first topic will be to answer the most fundamental question, “Why Read the Bible?” We will look at Psalm 119 as our main text. I encourage all of us, especially students, to read Psalm 119 before Sunday to get a better grasp on what it has to say about what the Bible is good for. As you prepare for discussion begin thinking about why you think the Bible is important to a Christian’s life.

Next Wednesday we will talk about translations. There are so many different options of translations we can read. We will talk through each of them and what their intent is behind their translation. We will talk about what is good to read at home, what is good to study and what is good to read while in church. We want to clear this up from the front so students can lock into something they feel comfortable reading throughout this series and beyond! (cue buzzlightyear).

Parent Meeting This Sunday (8/23)

This Sunday, August 23rd, from Noon-2pm we will have our Fall Parent Meeting. The start of the school year means we have a new weekly calendar and a new group of parents that are joining in. We want everyone together on the same page. At this parent meeting we will go over the fall schedule, big events for the next year, and provide some training in bringing your children up in Christ.

Lunch will be provided free of charge, this includes students. Also the game room will be open for students to hang out.


Promotion Sunday

Promotion Sunday is August 16th! We will welcome all the new 6th grade students into CSM. This is also when the students are officially promoted a grade up. I am so excited to see how this new group of students gets involved in CSM. We have lots of icebreakers and games planned to get the new students assimilated into the larger group of CSM. Our goal is for each older student to connect with a 6th grade student and for a 6th grade student to connect with an older student.


Back To School Bonfire Tomorrow (8/12)

Back to School Bonfire is happening tomorrow, 8/12. We are heading to the Francisco’s house from 5-8:30pm. They live in Hillsboro and you can get directions by emailing Ben at ben@concordlife.com. If you want to take the shuttle please be at the church at 4:30pm. We will return to the church by 9pm. That evening we will hang out in their lake, eat together and hear from God’s Word!

Be sure to bring a modest swimsuit and towel to get in the lake. Also be sure that if your last name is A-L bring a drink (preferably cans) and M-Z bring a snack/dessert. The Francisco’s will be grilling up burgers and sliders. Its going to be an awesome time! Look forward to seeing you then!

Back to School BonfireWEB

House Church Tomorrow (7/29)

House Church is tomorrow night (July 29) from 6-9pm at the Mason’s! They live in West County so we will have a shuttle leaving the church at 5:30pm for those that can’t drive that far. If you need directions, please email Ben at ben@concordlife.com.

We will provide dinner (hot dogs). We ask that students with last names A-L bring a snack/dessert and last names M-Z bring a drink (preferably cans/bottles). We will have games, a movie, and a devotion at the end of the night. Look forward to seeing you then!

House Church Tomorrow (7/8)

Tomorrow is our second House Church of the summer! House Church is a chance for us to get out of the church walls and do life together. This week we are meeting up at the Lear’s house from 6-9pm. We will have dinner, hang out, play games, shoot off some fireworks, worship, and hear from God’s Word. We are asking that students last name A-K bring something to drink (preferably cans/bottles). While last names L-Z bring a side dish or dessert. We will provide pizza for everyone as the main dish.

If you need directions to their house please email Ben at ben@concordlife.com. Look forward to seeing you there!