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Following in the Dust of the Savior

During the month of April we will be starting a new series, Following in the Dust of the Savior. Our goal is for our students to see the disciple making process. We will be looking at the ways Jesus taught the disciples everything they needed to know about who He was and what that meant for them. We will look at how Jesus did this through real life examples. We hope that by the end, our students have a clearer understanding of what being a disciple of Jesus means for them and for their non-Christian friends. Below is the teaching schedule:

MORNINGS (11am Circle Groups)
6 – Follow Me – Luke 5:27-32
13 – My Purpose, Our Purpose – Luke 9:18-27
20 – Easter (NO Circle Groups)
27 – Go – Luke 10:1-12

EVENINGS (HS – Sundays at 6:30pm | MS – Wednesdays at 6:30pm)
9 – Fishers of Men – Luke 5:1-11 (Combined)
16 – CSM Night of Reading – Gospel of Mark (Combined)
23 – All People – Matthew 15:21-28 (Combined)
27/30 – Go, part 2 – Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8


30 Hour Famine

This weekend is 30 Hour Famine! Who knew we could be so excited to go hungry?! This weekend we will be going hungry so children around the world won’t have to. For the past month we have been encouraging the students to raise money for children around the globe that are in hunger. We have provided packets to guide them with that (We have more available in the office, if you still need one).

This weekend the fast will begin at Noon on Friday. We also have an event that goes along with it. The event will start at 6pm on Friday evening and go until 6pm Saturday Evening, as we break the fast together. During the event we will spend time praying, serving the community and learning more about the conditions that many of children around the globe live in. We are excited for what God is going to do in the lives of our students over this weekend!

You can sign up for the event by clicking here. (You don’t have to go to the event to raise money!)


Spring Break/Techno Game Night

Spring Break starts for almost everyone next week, sorry Fox and Seckman! What that means is, we won’t have our Sunday evening and Wednesday evening worship next week. What that does mean is, check back here next week for any activities we will have during the day. Weather permitting we will be put together some games of ultimate frisbee and other silliness!

After break we are having a Techno Game Night! We will changing out our lights in the Rafters to black lights, pumping techno music (with the bass way too high), and playing games like bingo, farkle and 9 Square in the Air! Come wearing as much white or fluorescent as you own, they glow the best. Don’t forget to invite your friends as well! We will have the High School Techno Game Night on Sunday, March 23 from 6-9pm. We will have the Middle School Techno Game Night on Wednesday, March 26 from 6-9pm. Hope to see you there!



This past Sunday we started a new series, IF. The premise of the series is to ask the question, “IF we take God’s words seriously, what would happen?” Each week we will look at a different passage of scripture with that question as our lens. Hopefully this will help students, as well as leaders, take an honest assessment of what God teaches us. We hope and pray that by the end of the series we will be challenged to own our faith at school, work, home, etc. Below are the messages for the series.

MORNINGS (11am Circle Groups)
9 – IF introduction
16 – What IF awakening happened at your school? (2 Chron 7:14)
23 – What IF we lived on the edge of impossible? (Joshua 10:12-14)
30 – What IF we lived as Christ called us? (Matthew 22:37-40)

EVENINGS (HS – Sundays at 6:30pm | MS – Wednesdays at 6:30pm)
9/12 – What IF Christ was lifted up? (John 12:27-32)
16/19 – Spring Break (NO meetings)
23/26 – Techno Game Nights
30/2 – IF closing


Trivia Night for Students

High Schoolers! For those of you working Trivia Night make sure to be at the church at 3pm. (In reality plan to be there at 2:55pm so we can get going right away.) Make sure to wear your Big Chill t-shirt. If you don’t have one, wear the last Breakaway t-shirt. If you don’t have that I will give you something! haha!

When you arrive we will let you know what your responsibility is for the evening. Come ready to serve and love those that are giving their money to make this trip affordable for you! Love them, get to know them and enjoy the evening!

Attached below is the information about Trivia Night and all of the important dates for the Mission Trip! See you Saturday!!

Trip & Trivia Info

Tomorrow Night

Due to the snow and ice on Sunday, we will be combining High School and Middle School tomorrow night for evening worship. We hope you will make it out as we finish up our series “Relationship Status”. We will be discussing what Purity means and looks like. See you tomorrow night from 6:30-8pm!

CSM while Ben is Out

For those of you that are wondering, wait a second, Ben is getting married! Doesn’t that mean he will be gone?! Well, yes he will. So our schedule will look a little different. Take a look below to see what’s going down.

Feb 16 – Circle Groups at 11am
Feb 19 – HS and MS combined from 6:30-8pm
Feb 23 – Circle Groups at 11am
Feb 26 (Ben is back) – HS and MS combined from 6:30-8pm
Mar 2 – Circle Groups at 11am and HS Evening Worship from 6:30-8pm
Mar 5 – MS Evening Worship from 6:30-8pm

Everything is set to go for these meetings and we are super excited for what God is going to teach us during this time! Don’t miss out on what’s happening at CSM!


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